Mortgage Repayment Calculator

How a loan repayment calculator works?

An online mortgage calculator varies according to the website’s specification. However, they typically have three common elements—the total loan amount, the loan term or repayment period, and interest rate. All a user needs to do is fill in the required information regarding these elements and the mortgage calculator will show how much is to be repaid monthly.

Using the payment estimating calculator on this site, if you put in 25,000 (in pounds) as “mortgage required”, 5-10 years repayment period, and 15% interest rate, the monthly repayment amount will be £500.75 and the interest only repayment will amount to £312.5. Note that in the “mortgage required” section, there must be no comma in between thousands to avoid getting an error message.

Advice on determining your loan lending limit

Take into account all your income and outgoings as accurately as possible over the year. Including room for possible expenses that may occur and any disposable income you would normally require to be comfortable living on. The income and expenditure can include your partner’s too if the mortgage will be set up as a joint one. The resulting amount divided into months will show you what you can afford.

You may be looking at this calculator from the point of view of knowing what you can afford first and finding the range of property prices you can currently afford. If you find mortgages plans that are likely to be offered to you with an attractive interest rate then change the borrowing amount to get a full idea of the range of mortgages you would be comfortable with. You can use this site’s mortgage overpayment calculator to see the effects on your loan when paying more than your required monthly amount.

However it is not advisable to push yourself into a monthly mortgage payment that removes any possibility of disposable income or flexibility to take care of regular occurring, but unexpected expenses. An unexpected vehicle repair may leave your budget and hence your mortgage payments in jeopardy, so leave some room for comfort and the unexpected.

Having a good credit rating and finding a mortgage that will offer a good rate of interest will help increase the amount of borrowing you can achieve for the same monthly expense.

Calculate the full borrowing amount by taking into consideration the cost of the house you are interested in and reducing it by any capital you have. This capital will be used as a deposit, and consider the borrowing amount to be less providing you with long term savings over interest charges. Many mortgages will require a deposit that must be taken into account; with many at the moment requiring 30-40% for competitive mortgage rates.

Part of the costs of the mortgage may be in the bank administration fees of setting up the product and this will need to be taken into account. There are free mortgages, but they do tend to have slightly higher interest rates on average. With interest rates being offered fixed at this moment under 3%, it is really worth shopping around for a good deal armed with the results of your mortgage repayment calculator.