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One Money Mortgage is the home buyers answer when he or she needs advice or the use of an expert
in the industry, they are the leading mortgage brokers Kettering.

One Money Mortgage strives to get the best mortgages for it’s customers and tailor each transaction to
their needs. Through our experience with lenders and third parties, we are well prepared for anything
that may come our way. Whether you have a financial issue that needs to be straightened out prior to
getting a new mortgage or are dealing with some short term problems, we are ready and willing to help
you out!

Keep in mind that the big banks in kettering do not have the time to focus on your personal needs, they are just
focused on moving on to the next customer. Plus, they just want to sell you their products! Stop by one
of our offices in kettering and see how we can help you and decide for yourself if you’d like to work with One
Money Mortgage. We are confident you will make the best decision from our mortgage brokers kettering.

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Here’s a list of the different mortgage products you may benefit from:

Base/Variable Rate Mortgage
This type of rate changes over time, as the rates rise you will take a hit and as they get lower you will

Buy To Let Mortgages
If you’re thinking of purchasing an investment property, we can help make the decision easier for you
by seeing what you’re eligible for.

Capped Rate Mortgages
This is a no lose situation, your rate stays the same no matter how much the interest rates rise and if
they drop – so does your rate!

Cashback Mortgage
This type of mortgage may seem great as you close on your new home. A lender may give you cash immediately and you can use that for moving costs. Rest assured, that money does not come without a

Current Account Mortgages
With a current account, you can pay your mortgage at any time. This may make more sense to you than having a savings account. Wouldn’t you rather invest your money into cutting down your mortgage
costs than in paying more taxes?

Discount Rate Mortgages
This works exactly how it sounds. A lender will give you a set percentage discount of their standard
variable rate for a chosen amount of time.

Equity Release/Lifetime
If you are struggling financially, but don’t want to move out of your home One Money Mortgage will
do their best to help you out of your rut with one of two types of equity release programs, a lifetime
mortgage or a home reversion. A lifetime mortgage, is a mortgage without an expiration date. With
home reversion, you no longer own it but you may continue to live in it.

First Time Buyers
Buying your very first home is no easy feat and we here at One Money Mortgage would like to ease the
process for you. We can educate you on all of our different mortgage programs and find out which
works best for you as a first time buyer!

Fixed Rate Mortgages
This is another type of mortgage that does not need much explaining. It’s interest is fixed for a specified
length of time, typically between six months to five years. After the term has passed, the mortgage
typically bounces back to the lender’s general rate.

Flexible Mortgages
This type of mortgage gives you the ability to pay extra on your mortgage and possibly pay it off early.

Free Valuation or Refund of Fees/Costs
When obtaining a mortgage, more costs will accrue other than just what you are paying for your home,
including legal costs and arrangement fees. Some lenders offer to take care of these fees for you.

Re-Mortgage/Debt Consolidation
Have you been with your lender for years but believe it’s time to start saving more money? We can take
a look at what you are paying and see if it would be worth it for you to move to another lender.

Right To Buy Mortgages
This is where you have been offered the ‘right to buy’ on your council house at a discounted price of the
actual value.

Tracker Mortgages
This changes with the Bank of England’s base rate. It is reviewed on the first Thursday of each month.

So please make sure if your in the area come and pop in to speak to one of our Mortgage advisors.

Call us at 0800 1310321 if you have any questions about the information on this page.

We are Mortgage brokers Kettering.